Lucy + Jeff

Working on this film was such an incredible experience for me this fall. Lucy and Jeff got married in August, and it felt like every time I sat down to edit, there was something new in the news or another bunch of dividing posts on facebook talking about the pandemic, the election, the great divide that seems to be finding its way into almost every area of life right now.

But when I was going through the footage, I could feel a different kind of rhythm. One where people were sacrificing for each other, giving to each other, loving each other well. Weddings are so special, and I truly love everything about the covenant of marriage and the deep vows people take to tie their hearts together. This time, however, I was struck by more than that. I realized that in this tumultuous time we are living in, weddings bring people together.

Weddings are an opportunity to bind together, to leave all of the worldly stuff behind for something deep and meaningful, something that doesn't come along very often. It's up to us that are present to truly make the choice to let go and take this opportunity.

Lucy and Jeff's wedding was full of people doing this. Many people from all walks of life came together to celebrate the sweetness that embodies these two. Even without the dancing and the normal mingling, it was clear that people were joyful, happy to be there, and coming together in the moment.

In this crazy time, we HAVE to do this to avoid destruction. I mean this both for us as individuals and as a culture. We need to see beyond the division, the many ways we can disagree on so many many things, and instead look to the heart of people and love each other. I'm so thankful to have gotten the honor of being a part of this wedding, and for the lessons it taught me this fall.

Carve out the special moments, friends. Make them count. Fight for them. Fight FOR each other.

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