Every wedding is unique.

This is one of my core philosophies. I believe it is so important to treat each wedding as a new experience. Your story is different than anyone else's on the planet! Let's celebrate it!

Because of this, I take a unique approach to each wedding. I want to hear your story...how you met, what you do, whether you have kids or not, dogs or not, who will be at your wedding that you really want to capture, who won't be able to make it that you can't wait to show the footage to....these details are so important! I work with you and your planner, photographer, and other vendors to make sure your wedding day timeline is conducive to getting all of the important details captured so you won't forget. Even in the case of elopements, I want to make sure that we are vibing and expectations are set and met.

On to gear.

Below you'll find a list of gear I use for a typical mid-sized wedding. My gear list changes constantly and I'm always trying out new high quality gear, but this is pretty comprehensive. If I am shooting an elopement, I typically bring only what I can easily carry. Especially if we are hiking!


  • Canon EOS R
  • Canon 6d Mk II
  • Mavic Air


  • Canon 15-35mm RF
  • Canon 70-200mm RF
  • Canon 35mm RF macro
  • Canon 85mm 1.4 L
  • Canon 50mm 1.4


  • Tripod
  • Monopods
  • DJI Ronin S Gimbal


  • Variable ND filters
  • Leather double camera holster
  • Atomos Ninja V external monitor and ssd storage
  • Flash for still photography
  • Video lights for darker reception rooms
  • Lots of memory cards and batteries

Orcas Island elopement

Olympic beach elopement

The other stuff...

I tend to shoot a very wide variety of wedding styles. Because I am a Chelan, Washington wedding videographer, I have a good amount of beautiful weddings on vineyards, clubs, or orchards around Lake Chelan. And I love doing these weddings! When our family moved to Washington, I had to start out with any wedding I could book in order to establish myself in the area, which led me to some amazing places like Diablo Lake in the North Cascades National Park, Orcas Island in the San Juans, the Pend Orielle River in the mountains north of Spokane, and the beach that looks like it is reaching to the ends of the earth on the Olympic Peninsula. I would NEVER trade any of this experience!

And in light of current events in our state and nation, I am seeing and expecting intimate weddings to increase in the next couple of years. These weddings always seem less busy with more time for the couple to really take in special moments throughout the day, and wedding videography helps preserve these moments and memories for family and friends to enjoy later. If you're interested in the special package we created for couples eloping during the pandemic, click here.

Unless you are having a wedding where you are hiking up to a mountaintop or lake, there's a good chance you'll get to meet my second shooter Marcia. Marcia is THE BEST. She brings joy wherever she goes. She's kind of the yin to my yang because for all of my exuberance and grand ideas, Marcia knows how to keep me grounded on the daily. We are a great team. She's also got a great eye.

I am an adventurous person and if you've got big ideas, I'd love to hear them!

Your questions are welcome!

I know that everyone is different, and some questions might not have been answered in this blog post. Know that I'm an open book. If you're looking for a videographer, please contact me. I'd love to chat with you! If you're a budding videographer and you'd like to learn, hit me up.