Melissa + Dave | Lake Chelan Wedding Photographer

It is the absolute BEST to get to take photos of my dearest friends! We drove up lake and went to one of my favorite little hidden spots for photos, stopped along the road because FALL COLORS EVERWHERE and ended at the dock with some gorgeous lake views while the sun quickly dipped behind the mountains.

It's so crazy to me how fast the sun sets this time of year! And how it moves all along the horizon all year long. Maybe everyone notices, or maybe I watch it more carefully because I depend on light so much to film and take photos, but I'm always astounded at the light here. It's very different than the light in Nebraska. It's beautiful, soft, and creamy. You get some really amazing light way before textbook golden hour begins, and I've even learned how to take great shots in the worst direct sunlight too.

Sometimes I feel like we are on the edge of the world here, tucked away in a cozy little lakeside town. I'm just so so grateful to be here in Washington and to take photos of my friends. #bestlife

Enjoy a few of my favorites from our fall couples photoshoot!