I never could have imagined...

that when my second shooter Marcia and I went to Orcas Island in the beginning of March that we would find ourselves in the middle of a total lockdown in the next couple of weeks. The freedom of traveling across the Cascades, riding a ferry without much worry about how close other people were, and shooting a wedding that, while small, included people that traveled from all over the country to be there...well, I miss that. While taking precautions was in the back of our minds, we had no idea what was headed our way.

Since that time, all but two of our weddings this year have been postponed or canceled. Only one is going ahead as planned, because it is a very small elopement. It is a stark reality for wedding professionals, and I think that the wedding industry is probably one of the hardest hit small business areas in our economy. 2020 was supposed to be a big year for weddings. I am guessing that the restrictions and the way we have done big weddings in the past will not come back for a long, long time.

The thing is, it is my honor and desire to serve brides. To help take pressure off of a crazy day and do my part in making it beautifully documented. I believe this is more important than ever before. If we have to limit who can be there, if family can't travel and grandparents have to stay away from any gatherings, we have to try and find ways to include them despite the physical limitations.

To do our part during this time...

We have put together two packages for couples that don't want to delay their wedding beyond 2020. Taking some of the best parts of our most popular package and putting into something that works much better for couples having shorter and more intimate wedding days.

One of our packages is in partnership with Harmony Meadows in Manson, WA. This is an all-inclusive elopement package that includes the venue, photographer, videographer, and more.

Our other package is for our wedding videography coverage, called The Valley, includes 3 hours of coverage, a Forest Film (3-5 minutes highlight film), and raw ceremony footage with good audio (we will mic you). Our only request in offering a smaller amount of coverage is that we have time with the two of you as a couple to do portraits. Also included is a consultation where we will help plan out the time we are there to maximize the timeline and get the best coverage we possibly can.

If you'd like more information, please fill out the form below and get in touch.

Harmony Meadows in Manson, Washington